Platinum Trailers keep a large variety of trailer spares and parts in stock to replace, repair and service most trailers manufactured in South Africa. We do exports of parts to Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Spares  include leaf springs, coil springs, spring bolts, drop side and long leaf hinges, axles, mudguards, tail lights, light brackets, license disc holders, chevrons and many more.

Our sales representatives are well trained to assist you with any requests. All parts, spares and accessories can be picked up at our trailer factory in Brits or ordered directly.

Rubbaride trailer axles
Rubbaride stub axles – without brakes
Rubbaride full beam axles – without brakes
Rubbaride stub axles – with drum brakes (cables)
Rubbaride full beam axles – with drum brakes (cables)

High speed trailer axles - Standard
Axles without brakes:
900Kg - 1250Kg: 40mm - 70mm square axles
900Kg: 40mm round axles
900Kg: 40mm round compact axles
900Kg: 40mm round axles - Optional PCD
1600Kg: 45mm square axles
1800Kg: 50mm square axles
2500Kg: 50mm square axles
3000Kg: 55mm square axles
4000Kg: 60mm square axles
6000Kg: 70mm square axles

Axles – Braked with drum brakes (cables):
1600Kg / 1800Kg / 2500Kg / 3000Kg / 3500Kg

Trailer axle with brakes -  accessories
Single brake compensators
Tandem brake compensators
Bowden brake cable
M10 Threaded rod - 3m length

Couplers, braked & unbraked
Braked & unbraked couplers

Jockey wheels & parking jacks
Jockey wheels, gate clamps, prop stands, parking jacks, caravan parking jacks and more.

Trailer leaf springs & mounting kits
3/4/ 5/6/7/8/10 blades
Axle springs
U-Bolts & plates
Polyurethane bushes

Trailer mudguards
10" - 15" Single wheel - ungalvanised
10" - 15" Tandem wheel - ungalvanised

Trailer: Body components
Clamp - Heavy duty
Hand winches
Heavy duty strikers
Heavy duty toggle catch & hook
Honeycomb reflective tape
License disc holders
Steel Chevron
Stick-on Chevron
Toggle catch & hook
Toggle catch & link plate

Trailer: Electrical components
10 - 30V LED lights
Round truck lights
Tail lamps – Sealed
Steel light boxes
Plastic light boxes
Number plate lamps
7 Pin Male plug – metal
7 Pin Female plug - metal
Core cable

Slides & pressure locks
Light duty slides - 35kg per pair
35 X 12.7mm, 250 - 550mm

Medium duty slides – 45kg per pair
45 X 12.7mm, 300 - 700mm

Medium to heavy duty slides – 60kg per pair
54 X 12.7mm,    406 - 559mm

Heavy duty slides – 90kg per pair
53.5 x 19mm, 300 – 1000mm

Super heavy duty slides – 180kg per pair
77.2 X19.3mm    , 457 - 1320mm